Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley





Our program opens the gateway to know the heart of the Sacred Valley, where we cannot only appreciate its beautiful landscapes of peaks, glaciers, mountains and rivers but also find many villages with their own customs and traditions as in the time of the Incas.

Useful information

  • TOUR: Sacred Valley
  • DURATION: 8:30 am. To 6:30 pm.
  • PLACES TO VISIT: Pisaq, ollantaytamboy chincheros.



It is a picturesque town that is located on one side of the sacred valley with a lot of European influence because was founded in colonial times by the first group of Spanish people, where we can also appreciate the traditional market that still offers many souvenirs made of alpaca and llama wool ,at the same time we will have chances to see many families from many highland communities participating in open market as sellers .


It is archaeological complex which still have original Incan walls as good as they were at the beginning with beautiful terraces, temples and aqueducts once we are there we will visit the whole city along with our tour guide who is going to provide us a lot information, then we will continue our trip to Urubamba place where we will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and  finally we continue our journey to Ollantaytambo through the beautiful places of fertile lands.


Visit the archaeological site  which still shows an impressive architecture with Cyclopean walls, at the same time will have chances to appreciate its small town that still keeps streets and family houses with Inca style, and then continue our journey to the village of chincheros place of our last visit.


Located north of the city of Cusco where we will make our last stop to visit the archaeological complex and its colonial church that still shows an impressive job of Andean people and also have chances to see the typical clothes of many families who still wear in their daily life ,Later on we will back to Cuzco.


  • Touristic bus
  • Professional guide
  •  Buffet lunch


  • Tourist ticket.

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